Inguinal hernia prosthesis Hertra® 6 / 6A / 7 HERNIAMESH

Inguinal hernia prosthesis Hertra® 6 / 6A / 7 HERNIAMESH
Hertra® 6 / 6A / 7

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The light and ultralight preshaped Hertra® 6, 6A and 7 meshes are used to repair inguinal hernias in open surgery. The Hertra 6 and 7 meshes have a low grammage and therefore the material implanted is minimum but sufficient to guarantee an excellent fibroblast infiltration process. Fixing may be by means of sutures or more modern methods such as platelet glue or gel. If the platelet glue or gel fixing method is used, there could be a great many benefits given that it offers the option of applying the Trabucco "Tension-free, sutureless" technique. Hertra 6 and 7 meshes are indicated for male inguinal hernia repairs. The Hertra 6A mesh is used for the repair of female or male inguinal hernias in orchifunicolectomy cases.
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