Inguinal hernia prosthesis / abdominal Hertra series HERNIAMESH

Inguinal hernia prosthesis / abdominal Hertra series HERNIAMESH
Hertra series

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Flat meshes allow the surgeon to customise the prosthesis, cutting and shaping it to suit the size of the hernia and the area to be reinforced, so providing maximum versatility and flexibility. The various types of mesh available are the result of combination of different wefts, thicknesses and grammage; they are all macroporous, and can be used to treat both inguinal and abdominal hernias (umbilical, epigastric, lumbar and ventral hernias), allowing a wide choice of mesh and surgical technique. As a result of its rigidity and shape-memory features, Hertra 0 mesh is ideal for open surgery using the "Tension-free, sutureless" Trabucco technique in obese patients and in large eventrations; Hermesh 3, Hermesh 4 and Hermesh 5 meshes adapt very well to any surgical technique and can be used in laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery; Hermesh 6 is a light mesh; Hermesh 7 is an ultra-light mesh; Hermesh 8 is a quadriaxial woven light mesh. Its 16x40 cm size is especially recommended for preventing incisional hernias in high-risk patients when undergoing laparotomy for liver or kidney transplant.
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