Bioer is based on the semiconductor cooler (Peltier) design ability be richly endowed by nature of manufacturing background and skilled, we started from 1995 on the application product development of semiconductor refrigerator. Launched in 1998 China first semiconductor refrigeration technology based gene amplification instrument (PCR instrument), performance reached the international advanced level, identified by the Zhejiang provincial food and drug administration, the medical device registration certificate and the national patent, and the preparation of the China first gene amplification instrument enterprise standard.

Later, we launched the TC series and LineGene series Realtime PCR instrument, PCR instrument. Among them, LineGene fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system launched in 2002 won the national invention patent (patent number: ZL 1116421.2), at the same time quantitative PCR instrument is China first approved registered by the State Food and Drug Administration of independent intellectual property rights. LineGene series of products in its stable, reliable, sensitive technology soon gained market recognition, has accumulated nearly 1000 of capacity, and become the classic technology platform to Realtime PCR instrument product.