Real-time thermal cycler / modular LINEGENE K Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

Real-time thermal cycler / modular LINEGENE K Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

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Line-Gene K fluorescence quantitative PCR detection system is four channel Hangzhou Bioer Technology Co., Ltd. after Line-Gene series products the first home to create new products. The system receives the technical characteristics of Line-Gene consistently, using advanced thermoelectric semiconductor refrigeration technology and optical fiber technology. Constant current power supply and multi-point temperature control mode unique, so that the heating and the cooling module and fluorescence detection module of the technology is more mature, with quick change, precise temperature control, excellent performance and low power consumption. The system uses a modular design, with a variety of configuration options, and additional temperature gradient, the sample at 4 ?, electric heat preservation cover, automatic dehumidifying and other, more stable, more powerful, more humane design. Can adapt to different levels of customer requirements. Fully meet the needs of scientific research and clinical broader demand.