Thermal cycler LIFE PRO Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

Thermal cycler LIFE PRO Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

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Bioer technology in Ferrotec group support, continuous research and development of high-tech products with international standards, to inject new vitality into the fields of life science. Following the Life Express and then create a new product -- LifePro gene amplification instrument. This new adhering to the technical features of TC series has always been, the thermoelectric refrigeration technology and new advanced TAS technology, to make the overall performance to a new height: more high temperature control precision, temperature rise faster, module temperature, smaller volume, shape are running environment is more static. Grace gradient function not only has the gradient life express 30 DEG C, can be used to optimize the experimental conditions, meet the experiment demand the most demanding, but also has the characteristics of the times, the new "USB" and "computer network" function, leading the global PCR fashion.