Deltex Medical's CardioQ™ Esophageal Doppler Monitoring system (EDM) when applied to Doppler guided fluid optimization can support enhanced patient care in perioperative medicine and critical care. EDM is the ideal, minimally invasive technology for measuring beat-to-beat blood flow within the circulatory system. With excellent sensitivity, the system measures fluctuations in flow quickly and accurately, whether a result of surgical intervention or changing physiologic conditions.

The EDM system is simple to learn and easy to use, enabling clinicians to proactively treat even small changes in circulating blood volume and avoid the negative outcomes associated with reduced oxygen delivery to major organs and other tissues.In perioperative medicine esophageal Doppler guided fluid management is the cornerstone of any multifaceted "Enhanced Recovery Program" and can raise quality by delivering cost effective care that improves surgical outcomes: fewer complications, fewer admissions to or days in ICU, and shortened length of stay. In short, patients feel better sooner and go home faster.

With multiple published studies providing strong clinical evidence, Deltex Medical is working with leading hospitals and providers around the world to put esophageal Doppler guided fluid management into routine use.