Intense pulsed light system / on casters VIPL FX-ONE® Deltex

Intense pulsed light system / on casters VIPL FX-ONE® Deltex

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Deltex designs FX-One®, the latest and most innovative user-friendly application suitable for treating pigmentary sun damage as well as facial vascular erythema with an aim to provide a younger looking skin or significant skin rejuvenation. Compact and state of the art FX-One® is designed as per internationally set standards of accuracy to provide precise and fast results. It features an ergonomic hand piece with maximum integrated contact cooling of -18°C (32°F) by adopting a unique Insta-Chill Technology. Ensuring best procedure for patients FX-ONE® is used to fight the problems like photo - rejuvenation, acne, pigmentation, vascular erythema and hair loss. It provides optimal treatment with Steady Square Shaped Pulse, retaining the energy to be rendered uniformly over a certain period of time. The longest pulse train delivers excellent treatment dose. The Special Insta-Chill Technology regulates cooling temperature with maximum of -18°C (maybe included as Fahrenheit) as per requirement to ensure comfort for individuals. It keeps the skin comfortable and cool during the procedure. FX-One® incorporates Triple Filtration Technology to permit Filtered Waves discharging only to penetrate into skin.
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