Vascular doppler / esophageal CardioQ-ODM+ Deltex Medical

Vascular doppler / esophageal CardioQ-ODM+ Deltex Medical

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The CardioQ-ODM+ is the world’s first fluid management and cardiac output monitoring system to measure both flow and pressure directly. An exciting new upgrade to the proven Doppler technology, the monitor combines the proven CardioQ-ODM Doppler measurement of blood flow with Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis (PPWA). This provides users with a proven, highly sensitive “Flow Monitoring Mode” to guide intervention and the simplest calibration of a “Pressure Monitoring Mode” for extended continuous monitoring yet devised. The CardioQ-ODM+ has a Pulse Pressure Waveform (PPWA) mode which is quickly and easily calibrated from the Doppler signal and provides continuous monitoring in postoperative and medical patients in critical care. In sedated patients, the PPWA algorithm can be recalibrated at any time from the Doppler waveform.
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