CSO is an International leader in diagnostic ophthalmic instruments since more than fourty years. Since when it was born, the company has grown and, thanks to the wise leadership of its founders Mr. Sergio Mura and Mr. Giuseppe Matteuzzi, it conquered wider markets up to become an undisputed leader.

CSO has recently enlarged its plant with new production lines and by increasing the R&D sector with new engineers and software developers.

Thanks to  an efficient and diffused team of coworkers and salesmen, CSO has become a strong player in the international market.

Today CSO has some very innovative products, such as COBRA, a new fundus camera with amazing specifics and very easy to use; SIRIUS System is a combination of a Scheimpflug camera together with a corneal topographer and it represents the forefront of corneal tomography. All the slit lamps and the endothelium microscope PERSEUS have been completely renewed by using a LED source.