Explore our line of airway management products that are designed to facilitate successful intubation, airway exchange, emergency airway access, and extubation.


Believing in better, simpler treatments

There are common themes across every medical specialty we support: patients want to get better and physicians want simpler, more effective options. That is why we work hard to improve our minimally invasive medical devices and the way they are delivered to hospitals and physicians around the world.

We are family owned, but we are not small. More than 10,000 people around the world call themselves Cook employees, and we work with many distributors who we consider an extension of Cook. Our sales representatives can be found in most countries through Europe.


We have been manufacturing products in Europe since 1969, and our products are available across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Being a family-owned business, we do what is best for the patient. We have the freedom to work through a problem for as long as it takes to find the simplest solution.


Interesting Facts about Cook Medical 

  • Cook’s first European location was in Søborg, Denmark.
  • The staff members at our Ireland location are from 28 different countries.
  • Our EMEA Delivery Centre ships more than six million products annually to more than 100 countries.
  • There are more than 10,000 Cook Medical employees globally.



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Out of breath: The devastation of pleural disease

A pleural effusion can develop from more than 60 different causes¹ and affects 1.5 million patients per year in the US.2 A patient with a pleural disease can receive treatment from practitioners of any number of hospital specialties, including internal…

In favor of small-bore: The efficacy of pigtail catheters for pleural and pericardial drainage

Since 1963, Cook Medical has been a champion of minimally invasive treatment options for patients. In the case of the centesis and drainage procedural areas, the healthcare industry discussion has largely centered around the efficacy of large-bore versus small-bore catheters.…

Dr. Nichole Tanner discusses how to optimize tissue acquisition during EBUS procedures

Dr. Nichole Tanner discusses how to optimize tissue acquisition during EBUS procedures Nichole Tanner, MD, MSCR, discussed how to optimize tissue acquisition during endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) procedures at a lecture during American Thoracic Society International Conference. Currently, Dr. Tanner is…

How the first percutaneous dilational tracheostomy changed the standard of care

Dr. Pasquale “Pat” Ciaglia became a physician inventor late in his career. However, this late start didn’t stop him from developing several important products to improve patient care. The most notable one was the Ciaglia Blue Rhino® Percutaneous Tracheostomy Introducer in…

Dr. Tim Buchman’s advice on getting published in Critical Care Medicine

Tim Buchman, PhD, MD, is the current editor-in-chief of Critical Care Medicine (CCM), a peer-reviewed, publication leader in critical care medicine. CCM covers all specialties for acute and emergency care, such as chest physicians, surgeons, pediatricians, pharmacists/pharmacologists, anesthesiologists, and critical…

Key congress takeaways: CHEST-SGP Joint Congress 2017

Zoe is a Critical Care product manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. From June 7-9, I had the opportunity to attend the CHEST-SGP Joint Congress in Basel, Switzerland. A variety of topics were discussed over the three days, including…

Key congress takeaways: ECTES 2017

Zoe is a Critical Care product manager for EMEA. She is based in the United Kingdom. From May 7-9, I attended the 18th annual congress for the European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ECTES) in Bucharest, Romania. Resuscitative endovascular balloon…

Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) needles

At Cook, we were among the first to recognize the clinical impact of EBUS procedures. That’s why we focused our expertise as market leaders in ultrasound needles to create a full range of EchoTip® EBUS needles to meet your sampling needs.…

Percutaneous tracheostomy products

Our Ciaglia Blue Rhino® G2 Advanced Percutaneous Tracheostomy Introducer is designed to maximize operator control during a tracheostomy procedure. View each of our tracheostomy product’s indications for use, specifications, components, and other resources by clicking the links below. Ciaglia Blue…

Chest tubes for pleural and pericardial drainage

We offer an extensive line of chest tubes for removing both air and fluid from the pleural and pericardial spaces. These products are available in a variety of sizes and design configurations. View each product’s indications for use, specifications, components,…

Endobronchial blockers for one-lung ventilation

Our endobronchial blockers allow one-lung ventilation through a conventional single-lumen endotracheal tube that is easier to place and poses a lower risk of trauma to internal structures than a double-lumen tube.1 View each product’s indications for use, specifications, components, and other resources…

NEW: Mobile-friendly site showcases difficult airway products

Now you can explore our complete line of difficult airway products all in one place. On this mobile-friendly site, you can discover how our products facilitate successful intubation, airway exchange, and emergency airway access. Intubation Our intubating introducers allow you to provide oxygen…