ClaroNav is dedicated to the development of surgical navigation solutions. We were founded in 2001 as Claron Technology Inc. by Claudio Gatti and Doron Dekel (hence the name), both having a long and rich experience in developing sophisticated medical 3D visualization and surgical navigation systems. Unlike most high-tech medical device start-ups that seek VC or angel funding, the founders bootstrapped the company using its own profits, and remain the company’s owners.

Claron Technology experienced rapid growth since 2005, expanding the range of technologies and capabilities it offers while diversifying its customer base. Based on its 5-year revenue growth, it was recognized by Profit Magazine as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2009 (130th), 2010 (82nd), 2011 (191th) and 2014 (305th).

In January 2015, the non-navigation divisions of the company were acquired by Lexmark Inc.. To make it clear we are now solely focused on surgical navigation, and to reduce confusion with the Lexmark-owned divisions, which remained Claron-branded, we subsequently renamed the company ClaroNav.