Optical surgical navigation system / for dental surgery Navident Claron Technology Inc.

Optical surgical navigation system / for dental surgery Navident Claron Technology Inc.

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Finally, an affordable and practical dynamic navigator for dental surgeons Using the CBCT image as a map, Navident guides surgeons just like a GPS guides drivers. The dental surgeon plans where implants should be placed in the image. Navident, dynamically tracking the drill and the patient’s jaw, provides guidance and visual feedback to ensure the implants are placed according to plan. A simple, yet highly flexible system. Navident consists of four main components: 1. A notebook computer positioned above the patient’s chest. The Navident software running on the computer provides both planning and navigation functionalities, tightly integrated. 2. DrillTag: A handpiece attachment consisting of a universal handpiece-hugging removable metal clamp, and a specially marked plastic part. DrillTag latches on the clamp in seconds. 3. JawRef and JawTag: A customizable patient jaw attachment consisting of a stent and a matching specially marked plastic tag. JawRef is formed, customized and tested for fit directly on the patient’s jaw or on a plaster model in minutes. The patient wears the JawRef during the CT scan and again during the surgery. Using a proprietary method, Navident is able to continuously register JawRef’s position during surgery with its appearance in the CT scan automatically, quickly and at a very high precision. 4. An optical position sensor which detects the special patterns printed on the DrillTag and JawTag and constantly reports their relative positions, to a small fraction of a millimeter, to the Navident software.
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