Optical surgical navigation system / for ENT surgery Navient Claron Technology Inc.

Optical surgical navigation system / for ENT surgery Navient Claron Technology Inc.

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Reliable ENT navigation made easy and affordable What is Navient? Using a CT or MRI volumetric image of the patient as a map, Navient shows the location of surgical instruments relative to surrounding anatomy to precisely guide surgical interventions. To achieve this, the patient?s head is first spatially registered with the image and then tracked along with surgical tools by Navient. During navigation, the precise tool location in relative to the patient?s skull is displayed on the medical image. In short, Navient is a GPS for surgeons, customized for surgery on the front and base of the skull. To track the head and the tool positions, Navient uses the most reliable and accurate tracking technology available: optical triangulation. Unlike electromagnetic tracking, optical trackers are not affected by the presence of metallic objects and EM transmissions. They do not require intrusive coils and wires to connect to the head and the tools. Navient?s optical tracker, Micron Tracker, is the smallest and lightest, yet most accurate optical tracker available. Uniquely, it tracks permanently printed markers, rather than disposable retro-reflective spheres or battery-operated LEDs used in competing systems. It operates in both well-illuminated rooms and in the dark, using its own IR illumination. All of Navient?s optoelectronic components, including the computer, display monitor and tracking camera, are contained in a compact enclosure that sits on the upper shelf of the endoscope cart. To enable patient head tracking, a reusable lightweight plastic tag is attached to the patient?s forehead.
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