A.J. Costa (Irmãos), Lda. is, since 1984, a credentiated contractor, by a Certified Institution, first I.M.O.P.P.I. and now INCI.
Nowadays, towards the challenges launched by the national and international market we have implanted a certified quality management system, by SGS ICS: International Certification Services, according to the International Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000 that overrules the functioning of the several sections and departments of our company, such as Manufacture and Technical Assistance of Medical and Hospital Material, the Sales Department of not only equipments, but also accessories, for Industry, Public and Private HealthCare Units.
In 2008, the company has been certified by the standard ISO 13485:2003, by SGS UKAS.

Estrada das Ligeiras, Lote 10, Alto da Bela Vista,
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