Automatic bedpan washer LaVapor ECO 25 ajcosta

Automatic bedpan washer LaVapor ECO 25 ajcosta
LaVapor ECO 25

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LaVapor ECO 25 Bedpan washer-disinfector from LaVapor range Capacity 50 L Provides an effective cleaning and thermal disinfection of bedpans, catheter bags and small utensils.... Available programs: Normal; Intensive; The main features of ECO 25 are: 1. Automatic content disposal of all containers; 2. User friendly grayscale touch screen interface; 3. Utensils pre-washing; 4. Cycle command by integrated micro-computer; 5. Cold and hot water washing, followed by steam thermal disinfection; 6. Drying by condensing; 7. Detergent dosing pump; 8. Manual door closing with safety-locking system; 9. Water and energy consumption optimization; 10. Equipment fully built in stainless steel AISI 304 L, free from ferrous materials; 11. Accessory for one saddle bedpan; 12. Acessory for one urinol;
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