Medical autoclave Amaro 5000, Biosafety P3 ajcosta

Medical autoclave Amaro 5000, Biosafety P3 ajcosta
Amaro 5000, Biosafety P3

Amaro 5000 Steam sterilizer Biosafety P3 Horizontal steam sterilizers for Laboratory with biohazard risk loads. The available models are: AJC 505066-B-1R/2R, 165 L; AJC 5050100-1D/2D, 250 L; Features: 1. Validated cycles for laboratory with biohazard risk loads; 2. Versatile and simple operation; 3. High-visibility color touch screen interface; 4. Computerized command of cycles; 5. Counting of sterilization cycle performed; 6. Digital printer; 7. Real-time printing of cycle parameters; 8. Safety system against door opening in mid-cycle in case of power failure; 9. Incorporated energy and water saving systems; 10. Extensive list of errors associated to eventual cycle-specific failures; 11. Equipment fully built in stainless steel, with chamber and doors in AISI 316 L; 12. Optionally supplied with 1 or 2 manual hinged doors; 13. Vacuum system by means of a liquid ring vacuum pump; 14. Accurate PT-100 temperature sensors and electronic absolute pressure sensors; 15. Integral steam jacket; 16. Audible Alarms; 17. Built in steam generator with independent water inlet (optional); 18. Software for documentation and traceability (optional).
  • Application domain:medical
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