X-ray protective glass Raybloc

X-ray protective glass Raybloc

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Raybloc x-ray protection are a major supplier of radiation shielding lead glass across the UK, offering a fast reliable delivery of various size glazed units from small door vision panels to large control room viewing windows. Ideal for use in x-ray for dentists, vets, hospital x-ray or CT departments. X-ray shielding glass can be supplied with lead equivalences ranging from 1mm to 3.5mm. If additonal x-ray protection is required then the sheet glass can be layered to any lead equivalence. Radiation shielding glass standard sizes of 800mm and 1000mm are available with widths up to 2000mm. Most standard sizes are available from stock and can usually be delivered within five to ten working days. Please call for availability. Larger lead glass sizes can be ordered upto 1100mm by 2400mm. Radial vision panels can be cut to suit various applications. X-ray shielding glass can be supplied double glazed in a sealed unit with various other specialist glass to achieve properties such as FR30, FR60, Scratch resistant, Impact resistant etc. Lead glass can also be supplied laminated for extra durability or vinyl finished for one-way viewing in use as a privacy window.
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Willenhall West Midlands
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United Kingdom
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