X-ray protective apron radiation protective clothing / front protection VX Promega

X-ray protective apron radiation protective clothing / front protection VX Promega

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The half chasuble apron is formed on the front by one panel closed to the body by shoulder straps crossing on the back and returning to be fixed : - On the front by straps and a buckle of fastener forming an adjustable belt. - Or on the hips by Velcro. These shoulder straps are with large rubber bands that increase the sensation of lightness, in hooking the aprons to the hips, and give like this more flexibility in the movements. This fixation in diagonal and the girdles contribute to set out the weight of the clothing between the shoulders and the hips . The design of the straps makes it possible to carry the apron during a short time without attaching it. External coating as you choice in polyester with internal induction (PU) or external induction (PVC), internal lining RHOVYL’AS®. Protection 0.35 or 0.50 mm LE on the front and on the shoulders down to the scapulas (0.70 on request). An internal pocket stitched on the lining is especially made to put your dosimeter . Personalization and options without additional charge : Closing without Velcro by buckle of fastener). External Pocket on the chest. Embroidery of text and/or logo. Other option : thyroid protection attached with the apron. Sizes : Item available in 5 sizes (A, B, C, D and E) You can order a ± 5 cm length regarding our standard sizes without additional charges. We can customize any other size on quotation.
  • Protection:front protection
  • Garment type:X-ray protective apron
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