Radiation protective clothing / radiation protection thyroid collar Promega

Radiation protective clothing / radiation protection thyroid collar Promega

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Thyroid protection Cut in only one part in the material of protection, the thyroid protection protects the user perfectly if he is changing often his position to the X-ray source. Equivalent protection 0.50 mm of lead. Removable model The closing is done in the back of the neck by a velcro ( the straps are overlapping or crossing to form an X). 3 sizes to chose. External coating as you choice, double face internal induction (PU), or external face in PVC and internal lining RHOVYL’AS®. Colour to choose. In option we propose a kit (straps and buckles of fastener) allowing to attach the thyroid protection to the apron when it is not used Incorporated model This functionality is very pleasant if you must put it and remove it very quickly (in interventional radiology for example). This thyroid protection is mounted on a knitting socket and stitched with the apron*. The covering of the apron’s neck and the thyroid protection is done naturally. The installation is realized by 2 Velcro at the top of the shoulders at the base of the neck. Matched colours and coating with the apron. * aprons of our production models half chasubles VX or BLOC Cover Hygienic protection of the thyroid protection, removable; in white absorbent cotton washable and stérilisable. Easy fixing by scratch. Personalization by embroideries. Sizes adapted to the thyroid protection. Sold by sets of 2 or 10.
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