Radiation protective clothing / radiation attenuation gloves Promega

Radiation protective clothing / radiation attenuation gloves Promega

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Sterile gloves single use Indications : cardio diagnostic, catheterizations, coronary angioplasty, angiocardiography, gynaecology, urology, orthopaedic, fluoroscopic exams, pain treatment , electrophysiological studies. Description : Sterile natural latex gloves, not powdered. Protection without lead and nontoxic. An optimal combination of high attenuation and tactile sensitivity, Micro-rough surface on the palm of the hand and the fingers allows an excellent catch of the instruments. High elasticity avoids the tear. The rolled edge allows an easy setting of the glove and avoids the unfolding of the reverse. Thickness at the end of the fingers: 0.30 mm minimum Length: 290 mm minimum Tear strength: 14 MPa minimum before ageing. Sold by limps of 5 pairs Attenuation : - 60 kVp 59 % - 80 kVp 49 % - 100 kVp 42 %
  • Garment type:radiation attenuation gloves
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