Wireless electrocardiograph / digital / 12-channel / with touchscreen E600G Farum

Wireless electrocardiograph / digital / 12-channel / with touchscreen E600G Farum

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Next-generation equipment, offering such technologies as: Touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB, memory card and semi-automatic analysis (brand-new in use). Product details: Big color display VGA 640x480 which enables legible ECG diagrams from selected leads Analysis and interpretation observation on display Easy and intuitive the patient data Entry and edition Signalization of disconencted electrodes in graphic and sound form High resolution thermal printer Paper width 110 mm - 112 mm Variety of the printout formats: 3x4,2x6,1x12,3 min Double supply system: mains and battery inbuilt impulse power supply adapter 90-240V Connection to the PC: USB, Bluetooth Pacemaker recognition Graphic calendar Filters: mains 50 Hz, muscle 25, 35 Hz and anti-drift of isoelectric line Paper speed: 5; 10; 12,5; 25; 50 mm/s Sensitivity: 2.5; 5; 10; 20 mm/mV and AUTO Double archive of the examinations: Internal memory integrated MMC/SD interface Advanced ECG parameters measurement and diagnostic tool program - full automatic and semiautomatic Program of rhythm analysis A/C converter: 14 bit CMRR: >100dB or >120db
  • Type:digital
  • Number of channels:12-channel