Anesthesia workstation with gas blender / 6-tube ANASTAZJA 7700 Farum

Anesthesia workstation with gas blender / 6-tube ANASTAZJA 7700 Farum

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Features: New, safe machine, coupling the reliability of previously manufactured models with simple, intuitive operation, State of the art technical and ergonomic solutions enable anaesthesia and ventilation of neonates, children and adults, using common methods of inhalant anaesthesia, In-built modern respirator uses a colour LCD screen to present breathing curves and loops, along with numeric values of set and measured anaesthesia parameters. It enables volume ventilation, pressure ventilation and assisted breathing, Anaesthetic gas concentrations in a breathing mixture and spirometric parameters are continuously displayed, using varied colours, what ensures safe, controlled anaesthesia and comfortable work of medical personnel. Technical specifications: Electric: Supply: 230VAC, 50Hz 24VDC, 120 min. of operation using back-up batteries 4 x 230VAC, 2A sockets for peripheral devices Gas: Supply: O2, N2O, AIR from 0.28 to 0.6 MPa may be supplied from a central source or cylinders with reducers Double flowmeters for oxygen - O2, nitrous oxide - N2O and air - AIR, enable the use of low and minimal flows Additional flowmeter for O2 used for oxygen therapy and block anaesthesia Instantaneous supply (by-pass)
  • Number of flow meter tubes:6-tube
  • Mixer type:with gas blender