Digital electrocardiograph / 12-channel E60VGA Farum

Digital electrocardiograph / 12-channel E60VGA Farum

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Affordable and easy-to-use, portable device. When connected to an external display it offers additional functionalities available with expensive ECG devices, with graphic displays. Product details: Display of colour and legible ECG diagrams from selected leads on the monitor Signalization of disconnected electrodes in graphic form Double signalization the settings of the apparatus: by diodes and on the monitor Manual and automatic operating modes Copy print Keyboard functional and full alphanumeric High resolution thermal printer Paper: width 110 mm – 112 mm Choice of printed format Double supply system: mains and battery Connector cable RS232 to the PC Pacemaker recognition Selftest Filters: mains, muscle and anti-drift of isoelectric line Paper transport speed: 12,5; 25; 50 mm/s Recording sensitivity: 5; 10; 20 mm/mV and AUTO Program of ECG parameters measurement (analysis) Program of rhythm analysis
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