Western blot tank Biometra Analytik Jena

Western blot tank Biometra Analytik Jena

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The Dot Blot 96 Reproducible System offers the easiest immobilization methods with a concentration on binding proteins, DNA or RNA within solutions onto other membranes. The most typical application is the Dot Blot hybridization of the DNA fragments, smaller RNA, and plasmid DNA, lymphomas, viral nucleic acids, recombinant clone screening, cloned bacteria, cell surface antigen screenings, and the immobilization and filtration of smaller volumes onto the immobilized matrices. This device is very user friendly. It is able to work without O-rings that move and it makes it very easy when it comes to setting up the device. The wells are lettered and numbered and are fully compatible with the format of the 96-well plate set up. It is a high capacity device up to 96 samples can be loaded in a small amount of time.
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