Web-based radiology information system / RIS PowerServer Tele Plus RamSoft

Web-based radiology information system / RIS PowerServer Tele Plus RamSoft
PowerServer Tele Plus

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PowerServer Tele Plus is designed to be the solution of choice for radiology groups to report preliminary and final reads from all types of facilities including imaging centers and hospitals. What sets RamSoft PowerServer Tele Plus apart? PowerServer Tele Plus includes a complete RIS designed exclusively for Teleradiology, allowing any study to be read by the assigned Radiologist from any location. Single database platform is one of the latest cutting edge technologies available. It reduces data entry, eliminates errors and increases consistency throughout your radiology practice. Applications are run entirely in one screen without having to minimize and jump from one application to another. With our real-time database back-up, you will never have to worry about losing any data. When you have a separate RIS and PACS database, if one application goes down, the manual process to get them back in sync is time consuming and troublesome. Fee schedules are supported to bill by modality, facility, professional and global billing whether your group bills per modality, per study and/or the professional component, RamSoft has the right solution for you. Data that comes in through DICOM and HL7 can be populated in Tele Plus, therefore your billing department does not have to re-enter patient data. Technology Working For You. The innovative and powerful RamSoft HL7 engine allows PowerServer Tele Plus to interface with all different types of information systems. Our engine can deliver radiology reports to the appropriate facility in the format of their choice.
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