Archiving transmission system Lite RamSoft

Archiving transmission system Lite RamSoft

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Robust, Reliable Web-based PACS at a Low Price PowerServer Lite is designed for facilities that need a fully functional web-based PACS to view, store and distribute images, but do not require full reporting and dictation functionality. An important aspect of the economical PowerServer Lite is that facilities are never locked into this product version. When a facility reaches a point where additional features are required, they are able to upgrade to the full-featured PowerServer PACS or RIS/PACS solution. For imaging facilities demanding an economical yet robust PACS solution in the post-DRA world, PowerServer Lite is your answer. PowerServer Lite is designed to help improve day-to-day tasks and comply with standards so you can provide the highest level of patient care. Powerful Technology with Proven Heritage PowerServer Lite is built on the same platform as our industry leading PowerServer PACS solution. This means that you’ll be getting the same stability, performance and security imaging facilities require. With proven architecture and productivity enhancing technologies, PowerServer Lite is an unbeatable value.
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