Water/water heat pump / reversible 370 - 1400 kW | HYDROCIAT LW / LWN CIAT

Water/water heat pump / reversible 370 - 1400 kW | HYDROCIAT LW / LWN CIAT
370 - 1400 kW | HYDROCIAT LW / LWN

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The product HYDROCIAT water-water heat pumps provides the best solution for used for the cooling purpose in offices, healthcare facilities, commercial premises, industrial facilities and apartment buildings. It is designed to be fixed inside a plant room which is protected from the freezing temperatures and any bad weather conditions. This product is appropriate to run with the ozone friendly HFC refrigerant R134A. The product meets the most demanding requirements of the environment protection along with the high seasonal energy efficiency (ESEER) requirements. The product is of compact design and has a small footprint for easy indoor installation. The product features include RAL 7024 metal housing, the 2 double screw compressors with oil seperator and Star Triangle start up, 2 independent refrigerant circuits, Shell and tube dry expansion evaporator furnished with a water flow switch, a Electrical cabinet complete with remote control transformer, safety switch, wire numbers and identifications of the locations of main electrical components. It is controlled by the CIAT's multilingual XtraCONNECT 2 PLC with many anticipatory functions.
  • Technology:reversible
  • Type:water/water

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