Air/water heat pump 8.5 - 18 kW | AQUALIS 2 CIAT

Air/water heat pump 8.5 - 18 kW | AQUALIS 2 CIAT
8.5 - 18 kW | AQUALIS 2

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Range : 4 models available Operating range : Cooling capacity : 8,5 to 18 kW Use : Air/water single unit cooling water chiller for cooling individual homes or small businesses. The Aqualis 2 can be connected to all types of emitters (underfloor heating and cooling system, fan coil unit type terminal units, water cassettes). Aqualis 2 is designed to be installed externally; no special precautions are needed to protect it from the elements Description : Air/water chiller in single unit configuration Anti-corrosion casing in recyclable plastic that is UV and weather resistant Scroll compressor Water-cooled brazed-plate heat exchanger Low-speed propeller fan Hydraulic module with accelerator pump and expansion vessel Control terminal with room thermostat (2 wires) Remote µConnect control Auto adaptive functions R-410A refrigerant
  • Type:air/water

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