Water-cooled water chiller / for healthcare facilities 631 - 1707 kW | WDH-HE CLIVET

Water-cooled water chiller / for healthcare facilities 631 - 1707 kW | WDH-HE CLIVET
631 - 1707 kW | WDH-HE

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The SCREWLine WDH-HE units are water chillers with extremely high efficiency that feature: MORE EFFICIENCY, MORE VALUE - The innovative technology allows unbeatable efficiency both at full and at part load reaching a 12% better result compared to a A class unit. The required energy to maintain the required conditions will be consequently reduced and will increase the commercial value of the building. PERFECT FOR THE GREEN BUILDINGS - The extremely high efficiency values answer the requirements of the most demanding certification bodies like ECBC and LEED. The refrigerant is also Ecocompatible and its amount into the unit is much lower than most of the units available in the market especially the ones with flooded evaporator. This will allow to get more certification credits. RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY - The superb energetic performances derive from the use of high performances double screw compressors with economiser, electronic expansion valve and innovative shell and tube heat exchanger especially developed for the R134a refrigerant. Using two compressors allows also higher reliability, flexibility and lower inrush current. MORE FLEXIBILITY FOR THE APPLICATIONS - It's suitable for the different types of terminals, like fancoils, radiant systems and chilled beams and it's also available in the low temperature configuration (Brine) suitable for applications that require high dehumidification or in the industrial processes. It's also compatible with the use with different thermal sources that are widely used in the big plants like cooling towers, dry coolers and geothermal systems.
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