Water-cooled water chiller / for healthcare facilities 357 - 1651 kW | WDH-SL2 CLIVET

Water-cooled water chiller / for healthcare facilities 357 - 1651 kW | WDH-SL2 CLIVET
357 - 1651 kW | WDH-SL2

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The SCREWLINE² WDH-SL2 units are water chillers with extremely high efficiency that feature: TWO VERSIONS FITTED FOR BUSINESS - The EXCELLENCE standard version stands for high efficiency with a lead up to 15% more than the Class A while the PREMIUM version favours the compactness and therefore addresses to the projects which are careful to the capital cost. PERFECT FOR GREEN BUILDINS - Top efficiency figures match with demanding protocols such as ECBC and LEED certification requirements. The refrigerant is zero-ODP. Furthermore, its quantity is much smaller than most of the market chillers can do, such as flooded evaporator models, thus further increasing the relevant design credits. RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY - Excellent energy figures originate from high performance double screw compressor complete with economizer, electronic thermostatic valve, the innovative shell & tube heat exchanger technology, optimised for operation with R134a. Single compressor models are especially suitable for parallel system configuration, while two compressors design also allows partial inbuilt redundancy, higher flexibility and low starting current. HIGHLY VERSATILE APPLICATION - Suitable for all terminal types, from fan coil units to radiant systems and chilled beams, WDH-SL2 is also available for low temperature supply (Brine) in high dehumidification or industrial process applications. On the source side, it can easily benefit from tower, dry cooler or well water plant design.
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