Air/water heat pump / reversible 196 - 654 kW | SPINchiller² CLIVET

Air/water heat pump / reversible 196 - 654 kW | SPINchiller² CLIVET
196 - 654 kW | SPINchiller²

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SPINchiller2 water chillers and heat pumps provide the highest seasonal efficiency. They are designed to be installed outdoor and feature uneven scroll compressors mounted in the same circuit, electronic expansion valves and high efficiency plate type evaporators. SPINchiller2 shows an unmatched seasonal efficiency ESEER and is available in two versions: EXCELLENCE and PREMIUM. The standard version EXCELLENCE offers the highest efficiency both at full and at part load. Also the PREMIUM version offers high efficiency at part load but favour also the compact dimensions being therefore extremely competitive. Thanks to its features, SPINchiller2 offers: selfadaptivity in different load conditions, thanks to high number of capacity steps and to the management logic that has been developed to increase the efficiency and reduce the wear of the compressors; high unit reliability, thans to the double refrigerant circuit, to the proven architecture and to the components produced at high volumes; low noise, thanks to the sizing of the coil and to the high efficiency fans having blade profiles with "winglets"; easy and quick installation, thanks to the quick connections to the system, to the easy electrical connections and to the complete functional test undertaken before the shipment. The units can also be supplied with inbuilt pumps, desuperheater and storage tank, allowing all the main components of the plant to be in the unit.

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