Visible spectrometer / halogen / with tungsten filament / single-beam 330 - 800 nm | Biochrom WPA S800 Biochrom

Visible spectrometer / halogen / with tungsten filament / single-beam 330 - 800 nm | Biochrom WPA S800 Biochrom
330 - 800 nm | Biochrom WPA S800

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The Biochrom WPA S800 visible spectrophotometer is compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed. It is ideal for student use in busy teaching laboratories with a large display that is easy to read and the instrument is simple to set up and use giving rapid results. Accepts standard 10mm pathlength cuvettes or a test tube adaptor set is available for use with 10, 12 and 16 mm tubes. Measures Absorbance, % Transmission and Concentration as well as being able to output absorbance-time plots directly to chart recorder. The user manual includes simple experiments for the determination of ? max, extinction coefficient and natural bandwidth as well as the construction of a standard curve and the measurement of stray light. Low maintainance This instrument is designed to make life easier for technical staff, and to be low maintainance under demanding conditions. With no lid or moving parts, this robust instrument is easy to use, clean and store. This monochromator spectrophotometer has no filters to be changed or lost. The cell holder can be completely removed for easy cleaning. Lamp life is extended as it is only on during the measurement cycle. Spare lamps are available and easy to install. A complete spectrophotometry education package The instrument includes a starter pack of disposable plastic cuvettes and Grafico PC utility software package (32-bit PC compatible with serial lead) providing students with the means to capture, print and interpret all results, including a basic wavelength scan, on a PC. Data may be easily exported from Grafico into Excel, plus the Grafico software includes an educational tutorial on UV/Visible spectrophotometry.
  • Spectrometer type:visible
  • Source:halogen, with tungsten filament
  • Number of beams:single-beam
  • Detector type:diode array
22 Cambridge Science Park,
United Kingdom
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