Analysis software / laboratory / for microplate readers Galapgos Biochrom

Analysis software / laboratory / for microplate readers Galapgos Biochrom

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Z Read PC Software is intuitive, powerful and flexible software for all EZ Read Microplate Readers. You don't need to be an expert to use EZ Read PC software: our intuitive approach makes it easy to add analysis to your measurement. DESIGNED FOR ELISA ASSAYS Comprehensive formulae for built-in analysis of ELISA assays including curve-fitting options for 4 and 5 parameter fits-essential for many ELISA assays but difficult to do in MS Excel. Easy to configure your plate layout depending on the number of samples: add multiple assays to a plate for analysing just a few samples or add multiple plates for analysing. DESIGNED FOR RESEARCH LABS Extensive offering of data analysis options for a range of absorbance assays. Downloadable assay library for quick method setup, just click and drag your samples and go! UNCOMPLICATED SETUP FOR MEASUREMENTS AND ANALYSIS EZ Read PC software provides a clean and uncomplicated workspace to set up your analysis. Intuitive step by step approach for creating an integrated measurement and analysis method. Plate layout uses a simple ‘click and drag' method for setting standard, control, sample and reference wells. Plate definition editor has preinstalled plates with the capability to modify for specific plates for best measurement performance. NO EXTRA COST EZ Read PC software is supplied with all the EZ Read microplate readers- there is no extra cost. EZ Read PC software can also be purchased for use with your existing Biochrom microplate reader.
  • Application domain:laboratory
  • Function:analysis
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