Virtual rehabilitation system with serious games IREX® GestureTek Health

Virtual rehabilitation system with serious games IREX® GestureTek Health

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GestureTek’s Interactive Rehabilitation and Exercise System (IREX®) uses immersive video gesture control technology to place patients into virtual sport or gaming environments where they are guided through clinician prescribed therapeutic exercise regimes. Clinicians can design a fun, interactive exercise program that tests single joints, combined joint movements or full body function. Patients are immersed in a full-body virtual world where they can interact with on-screen images and objects, designed to enhance the sense of “presence” for the patient. Real-time auditory and visual feedback further stimulates the patient, resulting in improved motivation and effort in rehabilitation exercises. The full IREX system is designed for permanent installations and comes with a green-screen background. A selection of immersive applications from IREX can also be delivered on a portable immersive therapy cart. The IREX virtual reality environments are specifically designed to rehabilitate the patient in the precise manner recommended by the clinician. The motion of the patient can be monitored and reported to describe functional improvement in the patient’s range of motion, control of motion and balance over the course of their treatment.
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