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Telemedicine cart GestureTek Health
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The GestureTek Immersive Therapy Suite provides over 20 different immersive applications and delivers them right to the patient anywhere in a care facility. The software can be delivered on a rolling medical cart which can be used in the procedure recovery room, patient room, therapy room,common areas or with the patient in a bed, a chair or a standing position. The opportunity for patients to engage in music therapy, become active in virtual play, or immerse themselves in a soothing sensory environment brings a whole new element of enjoyment and participation to any therapy program. The therapy system is durable and easy to move from patient to patient. The gesture control system ensures that all patient movements are low impact and that patient cross-contamination is virtually eliminated. Immersive technology has been the subject of extensive research and GestureTek has been at the forefront of this research, working with a number of universities around the world on the development of gesture-based applications. Medical research confirms that virtual therapy is beneficial for persons with cognitive and physical disabilities including those with cerebral palsy, autism, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, as well as for those recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury and other conditions.