Virtual rehabilitation system with holographic interface GestureFX GestureTek Health

Virtual rehabilitation system with holographic interface GestureFX GestureTek Health

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GestureFX™ is an engaging interactive visual communication system that has revolutionized public space entertainment and advertising. It projects dynamic multi-media content onto any surface, including floors (GroundFX®), walls (WallFX™), tables (TableFX™), screens (ScreenFX™) and even countertops and bartops (BarFX™). Using GestureTek's multi-patented video gesture control technology to create an interactive virtual world, the system continuously tracks body position, allowing for real-time interaction between the user and the display. People are engaged and entertained as they play games, interact with advertising or create their own magical special effects. The vast GestureFX library of special effects can be customized in endless ways, using 2-D and 3-D graphics, sound and video. For example, fire and sparks may appear from the top of a volcano, bubbles may rise from the depths of a pond or a fog may clear to reveal a stunning lake scene. More than 30 special effects come pre-programmed or can be customized to support specific client designs or campaigns. Multiple presentations can be sequenced and scheduled, to provide and array of products or create variety. GestureFX draws attention and adds excitement to displays or exhibits in any public or corporate space. It is popular in retail locations, nightclubs, tourist attractions, stadiums, waiting rooms and airports, it always draws huge crowds at trade shows and takes entertainment to new levels at location-based entertainment sites.
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