Video recorder DVO-1000MD Sony

Video recorder DVO-1000MD Sony

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The Sony DVO-1000MD is a DVD recorder which is well suited for endoscopy, ultrasound, and radiology. The Sony DVO-1000MD is compliant with medical regulations and is designed to be used in a medical environment. The device is compact, user friendly and allows quick access to files reducing time and space required. The device uses MPEG2 video compression to capture high quality images; this ensures exceptional clarity which is required in medical applications. The device makes patient's data handling a breeze, patient's data can be stored under a title and required information can be quickly accessed using the automatically created list. The built in 80 Gigabyte hard disk records and secures the data at a high speed, no more threat of losing data due to unexpected power outage. The device uses low cost DVD which can be re-written over many times and comes with a high speed picture search feature.
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