USB video recorder / high-definition / 3D HVO-3000MT Sony

USB video recorder / high-definition / 3D HVO-3000MT Sony

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The high definition video recorder HVO-3000MT from Sony, attachable with the MCC-3000MT camera or any type of endoscopy or microscopy camera, is a wonderful product for video documentation of any kind of medical procedure. The high definition 3D images do a great help not only in analysis of medical procedures but also in medical classrooms. It is possible to view the procedures of microscopy, endoscopy, laparoscopy with the help of this smartly upgraded video camera. It helps medical students to get a clear concept about tough treatment procedures. The device is capable of capturing both 3D as well as 2D images. There are two types of data storage options. The collected images can be stored in an internally attached hard disk or in some removable device like DVD or some USB storage unit. The images can be seen on monitors, of both medical and non-medical grade.
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