3D display / LCD / high-definition / surgical 32" | LMD-3251MT Sony

3D display / LCD / high-definition / surgical 32" | LMD-3251MT Sony
32" | LMD-3251MT

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The LMD-3251MT is a full HD 32" medical grade monitor that is designed to address the evolving needs of 3D imaging in operating environments. This monitor is the perfect alternative to traditional 2D imaging and provides medical staff with a stereoscopic view of the high resolution pictures that were captured with surgical microscopes and endoscopes. 3D imaging delivers spatial orientation and enhanced depth perception along with and life life visual and accurate experience and the LMD-3251MT monitor simply offers a more realistic view of complex procedures. This high performance monitor is specifically designed for medical settings and when connected with a 3D camera, is able to render high resolution smooth images, which can later be viewed by medical staff with passive polarizing glasses in the light. The LMD-3251MT is designed in accordance with industry standards and is also perfectly suited for training suites, conference halls or any other environment where 3D viewing is essential.
  • Technology:3D, high-definition, LCD
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