Video dermatoscope SMARTSCOPE M5 SK1 Optomed Oy (Ltd.)

Video dermatoscope SMARTSCOPE M5 SK1 Optomed Oy (Ltd.)

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Optomed Smartscope® M5 has SK1 module attached to it. It is equipped with a convenient tool for measuring various skin lesions, along with investigating the total surface of the skin. During follow-ups, precise documentation is facilitated by images having high resolution. General imaging of bigger areas of the skin to document such as eczema, bruises, cuts and burn injuries is attributed to the unique portrait mode of the device. Indication of the portion of the body in image file name, for referring easily and rapidly, calls for the skin body mapping characteristic. Precise estimation and identification of skin lesions is performed by the equipment. It has optional immersion fluid. Indication of image target is enabled by skin body mapping trait. Featuring autofocus, it has 6 x digital zoom. With LED illumination incorporated, images produce resolution measuring 2208 x 1656 pixels.
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