Veterinary video endoscope VFS-5 / VFS-5A VetVu

Veterinary video endoscope VFS-5 / VFS-5A VetVu
VFS-5 / VFS-5A

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Looking for versatility and long-term value? Consider Vetvu?s VFS-5 9.9mm flexible endoscopes. Designed in conjunction with several veterinary practitioners, these scopes were built to meet a wide range of endoscopy needs. The VFS-5 series endoscopes can be used for examinations of small and medium cats, dogs, foals, horses, some exotic animals and reptiles. These endoscopes feature a flexible, high-resolution optical fiber bundle. The VFS-5s are easy to manipulate with one hand because of the ergonomically-placed automatic air, water and suction valves. 4-way articulation gives you full tip maneuverability. A large, 2.8mm suction/biopsy channel provides easy instrument passage and suction capability. And the VFS-5 has a unique clean-out port that gives you total channel access for thorough cleaning and disinfecting. The VFS-5 is available in two flexible lengths: 125cm and 200cm. The VFS-5 is backed by the VetVu one-year warranty. Working Length 125cm (the VFS-5A has a 200cm length) Shaft Diameter 9.9mm Channel Size 2.8mm channel End Tip Deflection 180° up / 180° down / 170° right / 170° left Inside Bend Radius 3.8cm Field of View 100° Depth of Field 10 - 70mm Eyepiece Magnification 25x Photo Capability Automatic or Manual Automatic Air Insufflation VetVu One Year Warranty, Parts and Workmanship, included Extended warranty for 1 aditional year available Your purchase includes these accessories: Molded Eyecup Cleaning Accessories and Brush Lightguide Adapter Water Bottle Assembly Replacement Valve Cap 30cc Syringe Irrigation Tubing Carrying Case
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