Small animal veterinary video endoscope V8F145 VetVu

Small animal veterinary video endoscope V8F145 VetVu

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Designed to satisfy the requirements of veterinarians practicing small animal medicine. The V8F145s high resolution imaging system and small shaft diameter readily allow evaluation of respiratory, upper and lower GI and reproductive tracts, and detect bleeding sites, strictures, obstructions and parasites in small animals and foals. Removal of foreign bodies and biopsy acquisition through its 2.5mm channel as well as visual monitoring of medicinal therapy can also be achieved. The endoscopes adjustable eyepiece can be easily adapted for still and video photography. The 8mm shaft is fully immersible to allow complete cleaning and disinfecting, adding years of life to the instrument. The numerous features of the V8F145 endoscope provide the greatest earnings potential for todays veterinarian. Working Length 145cm Shaft Diameter 8.0mm Channel Size 2.5mm End Tip Deflection 180° up / 120° down / 100° right / 100° left Depth of Field 3 - 100mm Eyepiece Magnification 30x Irrigation/Lens-Cleaning Automatic or Manual Automatic Air Insufflation Fully Immersible VetVu One Year Warranty, Parts and Workmanship, included Extended warranty for 1 aditional year available Your purchase includes these accessories: Molded Eyecup Cleaning Accessories and Brush Water Bottle Assembly Lightguide Adapter Replacement Valve Cap Leakage Tester 30cc Syringe Carrying Case
  • Patient type:for small animals
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