Veterinary video endoscope VETSCOPE™ VetVu

Veterinary video endoscope VETSCOPE™ VetVu

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The Video Vetscope is the choice for field video endoscopy of intermediate-sized animals. The scope is made to interface with your laptop computer, and record images to your hard drive with the click of the mouse (which, based on feedback from vets, has proven easy to use, and the resultant stored data, valuable in keeping clients' informed of patients' status). High-resolution optics and video chip Ergonomically-positioned automatic air, water and suction valves for convenient one-hand use 2.0 mm biopsy/suction channel makes for easy instrument passage and suctioning functionality; and has a unique clean-out port for total channel access and thorough cleaning and disinfecting Available with a flat-panel monitor Backed by the VetVu one-year warranty These instruments have been useful in evaluating respiratory problems evaluating upper and lower GI and reproductive tracts detecting bleeding sites and ulcers monitoring medication therapy locating obstructions and parasites removing foreign bodies
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