Veterinary blood gas and electrolyte analyzer VitalPath Heska

Veterinary blood gas and electrolyte analyzer VitalPath Heska

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The product, VitalPath has 35 parameters with the capability of providing the perfect results in 50 seconds with simple 3 steps. For operating the product needs whole blood, plasma or serum of 60 µL. The options for sampling offers by the product are flexible and to meet the requirement of any clinic it can be customized. The intuitive navigation is efficiently provided by the Touch Screen Color LCD. The sample size requires by the product is very small. The product is provided with the Integrated Bar Code Reader which facilitates in changing the reagent easily and quickly and also managing the quality control. The sensor does not require maintenance. It does not require biannual updates of software. The auto-calibration is programmed in the device after each sample run. The product has the flexibility to choose the sample form capillary tube, open sample tube or balanced heparin syringe.
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