Automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary DRI-CHEM 4000 Heska

Automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary DRI-CHEM 4000 Heska

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DRI-CHEM® has come up with chemistry analyzer to measure different chemicals for samples in the diagnosis of diseases. It is designed using proven FUJIFILM technology. It produces accurate result while giving maximum testing flexibility. The device comes with the choice of individual tests and pre-packaged panels. The device is perfect for any clinical lab for its automated dilution, stackable slide racks and multiple sampling options. The profile required is obtainable for its features like electrolytes on one slide, individual slide options, and pre-packaged panels with the Comprehensive Plus. Automated dilution removes the guess work of measuring dilutions or calculating results. The calculated result is obtained on every parameter for samples even outside the measurement limits. Multiple sampling options is possible with 1.5-ml heparinized sample tube or pipette or serum or plasma from the regular red-top or green-top tubes into a non-heparinized tube. To start back the process, only 3 steps are needed. With stackable slide rack it can carry 22 tests (20 slides) at one time without disturbance. Heska’s lithium heparin sample tubes save one step without pipetting support.
  • Operation:automatic
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