Automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary DRI-CHEM 7000 Heska

Automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary DRI-CHEM 7000 Heska

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Even the busiest practices have their needs fulfilled by the DRI-CHEM 7000, which is a high-throughput equipment. It can run 5 individual pre-surgical panels and 5 individual comprehensive panels in 16 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. It also has the capacity of loading 5 samples at one time. Configurations of the desired profiles call for pre-packaged panels inclusive of the Comprehensive Plus, individual slide options and electrolytes on one slide. The dilution undertaken by this device is fully automated. Authenticity is maintained in the calculation of results and measurements of dilutions, thus doing away with guesswork. These estimations are carried out on all parameters for samples which are not even within measurable limits. From the usual green-top or red-top tubes, the 1.5-ml heparinized sample tube or plasma or pipette are selected to a non-heparinized tube. This reflects the sampling flexibility of the device. 22 tests, that is, 20 slides are loaded at one time without jamming. This makes use of the user-friendly stack able slide rack. Saving of a step is enabled by the use of Heska’s lithium heparin sample tubes.
  • Operation:automatic
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