Vacuum therapy unit (physiotherapy) NEOSERV 114 gbo Medizintechnik AG

Vacuum therapy unit (physiotherapy) NEOSERV 114 gbo Medizintechnik AG

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The Neoserv 114 suction wave therapy unit works with two or four electrodes and can work alongside the Duodynator 119. It uses a suction-wave therapy system and a vacuum that can work continuously or in pulses depending on your preference. This is made with a vacuum built inside the suction electrodes through a sturdy pump. This also works with suction-wave massages that can go at speeds of 60 pulses per minute. This also works with hyperaemia to help create feelings of stimulation in the tissues to make them fully functional. This is also made with masked items to make it easier for suction items to be sturdy and can even be used on patients that might already be sensitive to electric currents, thus making this all the more convenient to use.
  • Type:vacuum therapy unit
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