Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / 4-channel HiToP® 4 touch gbo Medizintechnik AG

Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / 4-channel HiToP® 4 touch gbo Medizintechnik AG
HiToP® 4 touch

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All it requires is One touch for local and holistic therapies. Our model HiToP® 4touch gbo Medizintechnik AG presents to the user local and holistic therapies for different indications with its innovative and unique devices. he modern high-tech design with brushed aluminum surface and the 15" TFT LC D full color touch screen monitor offer to the health care professional an indispensable feature. Through this touch screen technology, the doctor can select the patient that he needs to treat, the therapies that he needs to administer or any indications in a most easy fashion. This unique user interface gives a maximum level of usability: -With one single touch you can select a therapy from your personal list of favorites -Simply turning the intensity regulator allows a real quick start. - It has Complete Range of Functions and Ease of Use -The therapeutic device comes with four independent channels which are being displayed individually. -The graphic display supports the work with the device -The pictures with applications demonstrate the placement of the electrodes. The newly...
  • Number of channels:4-channel
  • Type:electro-stimulator
Kleiststr. 6,
64668 Rimbach
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