Cryotherapy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley CRYOCARE gbo Medizintechnik AG

Cryotherapy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley CRYOCARE gbo Medizintechnik AG

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Gbo Medizintechnik AG's CRYOCARE® provides advantageous benefits for cryotherapy better than any other device which claims to offer the same provisions out there today. As cryotherapy becomes more and more established and utilized--more so than it already has been in the past 100 years--it is always a been to have revolutionary and innovative devices which provide this medical method; the CRYOCARE® is exactly that innovative and revolutionary device. It has been tested, and deemed a more secure, a sturdier, and a more efficient treatment device for cryotherapy. It achieves this by means of generating the cold via a Peltier mechanism, and constantly keeping its tip at a steady temperature of -32 degrees Celsius. The CRYOCARE®'s supplementary specifications and features are as simple and as straightforward as the aforementioned.
  • Ergonomics:on trolley
  • Type:cryotherapy unit
Kleiststr. 6,
64668 Rimbach
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