Uterine manipulator Günter Bissinger Medizintechnik

Uterine manipulator Günter Bissinger Medizintechnik
Günter Bissinger Medizintechnik

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Mangeshikar Uterine Manipulator The Mangeshikar Uterus Manipulator by Bissinger was developed for the manipulation and presentation of the uterus during a complete laparoscopic hysterectomy, as well as protecting the bladder, ureter, and rectum during the electrosurgical resection of the uterus. The reusable instrument is fully modular and can fit all anatomical conditions as vaginal delineating tubes and intrauterine elements of various sizes are available. Once the instrument is in place the uterus can be moved in all directions, thus providing optimal exposure of all anterior, posterior and lateral aspects of the uterus
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